Clay:  Phil? What're y'doing?  Come away, give 'em some privacy.  Phil: Clay? Thought this was your night off, same as me. Clay: It is--but where do bouncers go to relax?Mindmistress: Soooo: feelings: nervousness...humiliation...loneliness...all o'the above.  Phil: But Lorelei might need me... Clay: Well, her? Tell you what--she needs help--I'll join you.

Clay: Guys, meet Phil Diaz--janitor, extraordinary artist, sweet guy.  Phil: H-Hi.  Jay: Welcome to the Cannibals.  I'm Jay. Joe: I'm Joe. We used tbe wrestlers--famous ones. Famous. Now we're just bouncers--with a night off.Vicki: She's drunk?  Rusty: Honest. One glass of wine. She must have zero tolerance for alchohol. Anything I should do?  Vicki: Is she dancing topless on the tables?  Rusty: Uh...not yet.. Vicki: Darn. Think blackmail photos...



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