Rusty: Aren't you worried? She's your friend... Vicki: She's also my creator, pratically my 'parent' and my boss...but...if getting drunk  loosens her inhibitions--it's just what the doctor ordered.

Clay: Have a seat, Phil! Phil: Thanks. Hi, guys! So you all were...wrestlers?  Jay: Yep. Once the Cannibal Trio was infamous-- Joe: Our slogan was, 'We chew 'em up and spit 'em out! Clay: A decade a half ago, we were a team of wrestling villains--ohhh, how they loved to boo us.  Now we're just broken-down has-beens... Jay: Finish him!  Clay: Trying to get--

Drunk. Smashed. Inebriated. Wasted. Tight. Tipsy.  Stewed. Wasted. Blotto.  Veeeeery interstin' sensation.  First time I've been in-intoxicated--since my-- change... Zane: Martial status?  Financial status?  Sex change? Mindmistress: Like I'd tell--Mindmistress: I...I'm making a fool of myself, aren't I? Again.  'Scuse..I need t'go to the ladies' room.  Zane: Wait. Did I say something to offend you?  Mindmistress: You? No. I e-embarassed myself.



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