Mindmistress: Look--I was hoping for a normal evening.  No pressure.   No drama.  Zane: For you--I think normal would be underachieving.   Mindmistress: Zane---we're friends.  Look, don't get..carried away...Mindmistress: Whulmph!!! Zane: Sophia!! Clay: Relax, relax. Lady, I won't harm you--in any way.  I'm just getting you out of the way--while my friends have words with the professor, here.

Mindmistress: Mwwangh!! Lwwwut mwwh gehh!! Clay: *Ungh* Fiesty little filly, aintcha?  Won't do you no good. I used to be famous as a wrestler--Clay White.  Maybe you heard of me...?Jay: Liuttle lady won't be harmed--however, you won't be so lucky, little perv.. Jim: You disgust us.  The things you were caught doing Zane: What? Caught? At what?  Watching hentai--?></a></td></tr></TABLE></center><br><br>
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