Zane: Hey, wait--do you think I'm--uhnghh!!! Jay: Shut your mouth.  Our wives left us--because of our constant touring. The onlyones waiting for us--loving us unselfishly--were our dogs.Clay: Actually--there's other reasons our wives left us. We...overdid the steroids.  Steroids're great for growing some muscles...but do the opposite for...others. Another reason not to fear me.

Joe: Clay--shut up!! You always spill your guts when drunk--too much information! Clay: I'm just tryin' t'reassure her... Zane: Yob... gob... th'wronb...guyb... Jay: What a whiney loser... Jay: Thinking of someone like him touching dogs like daisy... Joe: You temperamental dalmation bitch...who bites? Clay: ' two just get meaner when drunk...want to beat up someonechhayyahh!!



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