Mindmistress: Vicki! Vicki: Boss? Mindmistress: Catwalk!  Protocol: Arondight! Vicki: Right away, Boss!  Uh... taking into account it takes five minutes for the catwalk to form.. Minidmisress: I know my own discoveries' limitations, thank you!Clay: Who are you yellin' at? Nevermind that. Do you know your drunken buddies are beating up the wrong guy??   Clay: We're drunk?? ?You were practically a 'Girls gone Wild' co-star!!

Mindmistress: Point.  Hyyaii...ouch. Um. A cup. Clay: When you're a bouncer...y'learn to protect your privates. Mindmistress: Steroid-shrunken though they might be... Clay: Lady--do you really want to make me madder?Phil: No!! You can't hurt Lorelei!  Clay: But--you were the one-- Mindmistress: Phil?  Of course.  You wouldn't be fooled...Phil. Please.  Run!! Phil: Can't--not ifyou're in trouble...



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