Clay: Get off!  Phil: Clay, you can't hurt---unghhhh!! Mindmistress: Phil! Okay, enough's enough!Clay: Phil..oh, no.  I always liked you, Buddy...poor Phil... Joe: Not your fault--he just didn't, couldn't--understand what this guy did. Hey!! Clay! Lady comin' atcha...

Clay: Lady?  I don't want to hurghh!! Jay: What?? That lady lcocked clay!  How--? Mindmistress: Cranial nerve. Just behind mandible.  Strike it. Move it. Shocks brain. Shuts out all non-autonomic activity.Jay: Uh...mandible.  Mindmistress: *Sigh* Lower jaw. Strike it with the strength of both arms'--knockout. Respiration regular.  Pulse steady.  Permanent damage unlikely...but a hospital should check Phil out.



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