Joe: Jay, I'll take care of this little--Eyyyahh!! My eyes!  MM: Interesting.  Professional fighter. Bouncer. Yet doesn't anticipate slight pressure to the eyes--you've two prime targets staring at me...Everything's...just one big blur! Spots everywhere...aaahhh!! My ears!  Two senses down.  I must admit I'm a little...disappointed.  I expected a bigger challenger...from such...professional fighters.  You'll recover.

Jay: Lady, you're dead--what--are you doing?  Mindmistress: Taking his belt, obviously.   Jay: Uh...why? Mindmistress: Not because I'm a huge fan of plumber's crack, believer me... Joe: Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow.Jay:  Nice moves, but I used to teach self-defense classes to women...I'll tear you apasrt... Mindmistress: Talk's cheap.  I'm waiting...



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