Mindmistress: Zane...you're right. I am...unsuaul.  But you'll forget this conversation tomorrow... Zane: I will? Minmidstress: Guarenteed.  Zane--why were Professor Gibbs attempts--wrong?  Zane: Why? You're not inot--? Mindmistress: No. I'm not. Listen...Mindmistress: That's the point. Physical differences aside...there can be no real..consent. Animals can be manipulated...fooled...if domesticated, conditioned to obey.  There's not even a chance of...choice.

Mindmistress: In myth, often when the gods descended to mate with humans, they'd assume animal form--Leda and the swan.  Europa and the bull. As if sharing their...degradation. Otherwise...Mindmistress: In legend, if it's not a god assuming animal form, such pairings were inevitably a curse.  Queen Pasiphae and the Cretan Bull--resulting in the Minotaur. Queen Titania and the transformed, donky-headed mortal...

Mindmistress: Now...imagine such bestial minds--in human form. Does it really make it any better? It's still a matter of arousal and stimulation...livestock breeding. Nothing that relieves...loneliness.Mindmistress: Imagine your heroine--on an island of savage Yahoos. If she wanted ayahoo as a lover--does he really have a choice?  ?He wouldn't be a companion--he'd be a...pet. ...Nothing more.

Zane:Wait a minute...you're talking about...you.  Mindmistress: Yes.  Zane: We're Yahoos to you.  I am.  Mindmistress: es.  Zane: My feelings for ou--not quite love--yet all other relationships seem lukewarm in comparison...Zane: Are you saying...it's the devotion...of a domesticated pet? Mindmistress: Unintentionally.  Our gaming sessions somehow conditioned you-- Zane: A pet??  A pet??? That's revolting!! Mindmistress: Agreed.  Yeccchh!!  I've a plan... Zane: No leashes involved, I hope.



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