Mindmistress: Something in my purse will help... Zane: Doggie treats? Mindmistress: Not exactly...I genuinely wanted to go out with you--and I wanted a record of what I felt... Zane: A... diary?Mindmistress: No.  Better.  I call this an empathcorder.  It records emotions--to 'play back' later.  Tonight, it's recorded drunken embarassment--rage at your attack.  But it has an additional feature--

Mindmistress: Take off your glasses--they may spoil the effect.  Zane: The effect--? Mindmistress: It can also erase the emotinal states it records.  Zane: Erase what--?  Mindmistress: Erase an unrequited longing--mend a broken heart.Zane: I won't...forget you?  Mindmistress: Just this conversation--thanks to a post-hypnotic comand I laid on you and Phil.  But your feelings for me will be gone--like a high school crush.

Zane: Inventing devices that can cure heartbreak?  What--are you? Mindmistress: A freak. Do you want this? Zane: More than you know.  Mindmistress: Good. As for your question--I'm one of a kind.



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