Mindmistress: Hi, Phil. Another drawing of Lore--of me?  Phil: Hi, Lorelei!  Yeah. It's pretty boring while the doctors run tests--so I draw.  Lorelei--how'd you change so much?Mindmistress: Well--this is going to take some explaining-- Phil: Sure is. Hair--dyed?--dark. Different colored eyes--deeper voice--talk funny.  But I knew you, Lorelei.  I'd always know--you.

Phil: I know your bones--the way shadows fall across your face--your shy smile.  So what..? Mindmistress: Phil--my Mom discovered something.  I can change--becoming smarter. Phil: Normal? Mindmistress: Beyond-- normal.Phil: So this's a secret, then?  Mindmistress: Right, Phil. Phil: Then--don't tell me more.  I'll blab.  Never could keep a secret. Mindmistress: My secret's safe.  Tomorrow you'll forget our--talk.

Mindmistress: Tomorrow you'll only remember seeing Lorelei--the blonde Lorelei--at the play.  You'll remember jumping someone attacking her escort.  Everything else'll be..hazy. But just for tonight--the truth.



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