Phil:  Wait--I'm missing something.  If I'm going to forget anyway--why tell me anything?  Mindmistress: Because I'm going to offer you something.  You know that owl locket I always wear?Phil: Sure! It helped make me sure you  Mindmistress: My Mom's discovery is in it--I change with it. Making me a dozen times smarter. Phil: Dozen? Ten, right?  Mindmistress: Close. Twelve.

Mindmistress:  It's a little risky.  If I stay like...this...too long, I could die. Tonight I brought a spare.  Phil...despite our're really talented with drawing.  Imagine...Mindmistress: ...You smarter than your parents...teachers...professors and scientists...anyone who ever laughed at you.  Take it, Phil.  Become...Picasso plus...Da Vinci squared.  Teach us new see.



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