Rusty: So how's MM since her...'date'?  Vicki: Weird...even for her.  Moody.  Thoughtful.  Right now I'm simultaneously with you and her at the same time-- Rusty: Neat trick. Vicki: No biggie, Rusty.Vicki: Boss? What are you doing?  Mindmistress: Playing back emotions sotred on the empathcorder.  Playing back...Zane's feelings for me.  It's oddly humbling...feeling...experiencing...the emotions I...inspired in him.

Mindmistress: Zane's moved in with an actress who's loved him for years. He hadn't gone on a date in over a year.  Now I'm a fading infautation he's over. Vicki: Are you?

Mindmistress: Oh, yes.  Anything between us wold be unfair to both of us.  Vicki--do you know why I made the 'catwalk'?  Vicki: Wellll.... Mindmistress: More than transportation.  I'll activate this holographic screen...Mindmistress: Mindmistress: This screen'd detect the 'catwalk' any reality.  I was hoping to detect...others.  Vicki: Others? Who'd build those?  Mindmistress: My counterparts...from parallel worlds. Some would be like...twin sisters.

Mindmistress: Others would be variations...male 'brothers', where Lorelei...was larry.  Even worlds where others have the locket...Lucy.  Leo.  Phil.  Even...Troy.  Neosapient minds I can talk to--relate to--

Mindmistress: ...End the loneliness.  Who knows? Even love.  Yet there's nothing else detected.  I'm alone.  There are parallel Obamas...einsteins...even Hitlers.  Yet in all the multiverse, I'm...unique.  Why?Mindmistress: No. You don't know me.   But then--nobody does.

Mindmistress: 'Oh, love is the crooked thing...there is nobody wise enogh to find out all that is in it..for he would be thinking of love...till the stars had run away...and the shadows eaten the moon.  Vicki: Boss...?  Mindmistress:  I'll be okay.  Eventually.



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