Ty: What have I done...?  Ty (Caption): The blood was hot and sticky on my hand.  I used to be a fireman.  I've seen death many times before...usually charred and smoking.  Not...this.Ty: No...no...no...no!  Ty (Caption): I've inhaled too much smoke in my time. I don't think as clearly as I once did. But I saved lives. That should count for something.

Ty: I'm an old fool.  What do I do?  You'll never forgive me... Ty (Caption): The body was at my feet. Death comes to us all.  It shouldn't need any help--from me.Mindmistress: Ty--I owe you my life.  But I can't give you the gift I had hoped to give you.  Ty: So...that's it?  A moment of blind rage...has cost me..everything. Mindmistress: Unfortunately.



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