Ty (Caption): It began when I started reading the Bible--for the thirty-seventh time.  Genesis.  The Serpent. The Tree of Life. Editor: Pardon me... Ty: Oh, excuse me...let me put on my...Ty: --Glasses?  I...think I was just reading about you.  Editor: Really? Anything's possible, I suppose....please tell Miss Lorelei Lyons that the Editor thanks her for her hospitality--but must be going.

Ty: Lorelei! Lorelei!  Ty (Caption): I didn't watch him go. I just ran for Lorelei's door.  Innocent, mentally challenged Lorelei.  If that nightmare harmed her--don't think about it.  Run!  Run!Ty: Lorelei?? Lorelei!!  She was born rich, but makes her own living, living on her own, despite her handicap.  I saved her life once.  Please let her be alive.  Please.



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