May: are the only company I have left--? Then I'll join you..if you help me get back at that woman in silver who did this to me! Shudder: Someone did this to you? This wasn't an isolated incident? Slither: The woman in silver can make us? How very...interesting.Percy: (Caption) The preceding was a reconstruction; a guess, in other words. The first I heard about it was... Percy: Disturbance at the Duran home? Something utterly... unexplainable? No, I don't sound very surprised, do I? But I'll be right there...

Medical Examiner: It's like all her bodily processes stopped---at once. It's hard to detect any sign of her once being alive. I've never seen anything like it. Percy: And the cook's the same way...and May Duran's gone. What's in the needle? Medical examiner: Common sedative, no more.Percy:(Caption) What a day. And I wonder what it has to do with...Percy:(Caption)...Mindmistress. Mindmistress: Hi! Heard you were looking for me. Percy: You!! So you are real.


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