MindmistressY'know, I usually don't read Entertainment Weekly...not bad. Percy: Um: I don't want to tear you away from your reading...but you're under arrest. Mindmistress: Oh, please. What's the charge?Percy: Let's see now...reckless endangerment in the bloodlust case. Federal fugitive, kidnapping and suspicion of murder in the Foresight matter. Disfigurement of May Duran...and oh, yes...breaking and entering my apartment. Mindmistress: Come now. If you've done research on me, you know a gun won't stop me. Percy: Exagerration. Bluff.

Mindmistress: Go ahead.  The barrel's aimed right at my heart.  Shoot...see how useless it is. And then---watch me tear you apart. Percy: You've got guts, lady. Mindmistress: Not really. I just know it's no bluff.Mindmistress: Now put that gun up. We don't have time for these side issues...not while May Duran is loose. Percy: May, huh? You're saying she did that to the nurse...to the cook. Mindmistress: Not intentionally...yet. But she's getting more and more dangerous.


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