May/Horror: Not so don't have anywhere you can hide from us! Mindmistress: May, I tried to save you. Your mishap was an accident. May/Horror:Small comfort...when old lovers shudder when they visit.May/Horror: Now I'll rip you of your essence...and trap your essence and you'll beg us to tell us your secrets...uh? That staff's radiations...interfering.. Mindmistress:(Caption) I gathered my strength for one last jump...

Mindmistress: (Caption) ...And vaulted to the other end of the portal. but... Mindmistress: I'm not really safe. If they can cross effortlessly between realities...then...May/Horror: Very smart. No walls or locations are safe from us. We can appear now...or when you're taking a shower...or when you're asleep...closing your eyes, sheilding them with your armor, won't help for long. Soon you'll be like my cook.


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