Mindmistress (Caption): I hit May...the Horror---whatever--a glancing blow with my staff. May/Horror: Uh!! Mindmistress (Caption): Not bad since I couldn't look directly at her. Then I got out of the building.Mindmistress: Once outside I went through a...change...that had a good chance of hiding me...but meant I would be more vulnerable if an attack came. Percy: You became mild-mannered Clara Kent? You said 'Shazam!' and became Billie Jo Batson? Or rich Blaire Wayne? Mindmistress: Sorta...but not close.

Mindmistress: But I couldn't stay that way forever, and I'm feeling scared...vulnerable. I'm being stalked by people---in the loosest sense of the word---who might be anywhere---that no door or wall can keep out. Percy: So you came to see me. Why?Mindmistress (Caption): Because...if I fail...if they capture me, and worm the secret of the catwalk from me...May and these other 'Ladies of the Twilight' could turn everyone on Earth, eventually, into beings like that.


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