Percy:'re going to fight those three? How? If you really think they can can you find them? Mindmistress: I've arranged for someone to meet me who I hope can give me...directions. Percy: Uh-huh. I'm going with you.Mindmistress: This is a little out of your jurisdiction, detective. Percy: But there are two murder victims in my jurisdiction...and I only have your looney, Twilight-Zone-type story that May Duran is...dangerous. I have to find out whether she...or you...murdered them. Mindmistress: Very well. Fulcrum?

Percy: What? What?? What??? What is she doing here? Fulcrum: I'm surprised you know of me, much less how to signal me...Mindmistress: A blue ex-despot we both know told me how he got here...I called you about the 'Ladies of the Twilight'. Fulcrum: My powers are bound to this cosmos space and time...on another plane, I would get weaker and weaker...Fulcrum: However, being who I am, I can sense when things are..out of place...for our universes. It's a small digital assistant made for the police of a race that creates/crosses universes. It can direct you... Mindmistress: Thank you very much! Fulcrum: This

Click on the lower picture on the left to go to the excellent KILLROY AND TINA, a wonderful webcomic which basically has Darth Vader meeting and interacting with Daria...and the Fulcrum is used with the permission of its author, Justin Pierce.

On the other hand, if you click on the panel to the lower right, it will take you to A GOD'S LIFE, an excellent complete graphic novel about gods, mortals, and the way creators can be con men. The "psalm pilot" was lifted out of there, with the permission of the author, Sylvan Migdal, although this is a better version than the erratic version the hero kept, being a police model that can cover many universes, and their interrelationships, not just one. Also check out Sylvan's current comic, MNEMESIS....with a remarkably interesting afterlife.


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