Mindmistress: Now how to access it. Psalm Pilot: Ain't hard, honey. Ask a question. Mindmistress: What? English? Pilot: I've been bored since the Pan-Continuum Police lost me. So...I study languages, songs, poetry...want to hear a poem I made? Mindmistress: Uh...not really. Not right now.Mindmistress: Have you heard of the 'Ladies of the Twilight'? Entities that live in more than one reality...at the same time? Pilot: Sure. The Pancontinuum Police tried to stop 'em several times...and failed miserably. There's a base with info and weapons on the plane next to the ones the Ladies use as their home...didn't help the officers, though. Mindmistress: Can you guide me to that base? Pilot: If you can cross realities...sure.

Percy: Okay, where did the lady in the purple hood go? Where did---that---come from? Mindmistress: That's the catwalk---Schrodinger's catwalk--that caused May's---condition. I'm hoping to get across without being attacked. You can come with me---I guess I'm still a suspect---but I wouldn't recommend it.Okay, either I'm the victim of the most elaborate hoax in history...or she's on the level. If so--she's tracking down a murderer. That's my job. *Sigh* Why couldn't I have been a car salesman? So it's hi-ho, hi-ho, into the Twilight Zone I go...


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