Percy: Oh,Cripes. I hoped you were crazy... Mindmistress: Watch out for image-overlapping hands coming from the, Psalm Pilot, give me more words in our destination dimension's main language...Pilot: Okay, but my database is from the last century...the language might've changed...Well, Well, Smurf Village. Mindmistress: Detective, you're not helping... Airek: Aieeeeiiee!! Shi'bryanse! Glynnhail: Il unikonse, Airek.

Percy: Wings...she's got wings... Mindmistress: Cool it, Lovelace. Rethen sti Reblon... Airek: Ni. Snas nerstaw dilos shen dlous erslov felsti otni awedbeluab. Mindmistress: ...Luf vif mohtaf eh.Mindmistress: They say the mountain that looks like a single fang below an eye-shaped cloud that never moves is half-a-day's walk from here...Pilot: That's good. Because the base is hidden there. Airek: Ibto orton tath.

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