Percy: Oy vey. I wish that I had brought hiking boots...hey, why are you stopping at this temple? Mindmistress: Because that statue looks like...someone  you know. Psalm Pilot, can you read the inscriptions on this edifice? Pilot: Piece o'cake.Mindmistress: Look, another satue...
Pilot: According to the inscription, several worlds---including this reality---will be saved by a demoness in black and white---from a horror stalking the multiverse.

Percy: Weird. That's crying. MM: The Psalm Pilot says she-whose-anger burns years for the form she born in....which she cannot recapture.Mindmistress: All the prophets and seers agreed on her appearance, in their visions...centuries ago. Percy: Well, I just hope ours isn't one of the worlds she 'saves'. What a hideous freak! Good thing there's nothing like her on our world. Mindmistress: might be surprised...

If you'll click on the picture on top left it will take you to ZEBRA GIRL, long a personal favorite of mine among many fine webcomics. Zebra Girl, for my money, is the most entertaining "freak" since Benjamin J. Grimm. Zebra Girl is, of course, copyrighted by her creator, the very talented Joseph England, and used with his permission.


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