The problem with designing devices for other realities is whether all the same physical laws apply....but hmmm...I think this should work in almost any reality. Percy: You're the mad scientist...but it looks like a hula hoop.Mindmistress: Here...let me turn it on. The hoop becomes... Percy: A mirror? Mindmistress: No. It's a curved space-loop that returns anything that travels through space...back to where it came from. Even light.

Mindmistress: Like a four-dimensional Klein bottle.  It loops the path of space-time...any object, force, or long as it travels in space...will be returned where it came. Percy: A four-dimensional what bottle? Mindmistress: Let me show you. Give me your gun.Percy: careful, lady...yaaahhh!! Mindmistress: It's the perfect shield. I wanted to do it...because I knew my velocity-redirection field would protect me. You would have been killed---by your own gunshot.


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