Percy: So...I get the shield? Mindmistress: I have the velocity-diversion field--and if that fails I have my armor/exoskeleton if that fails, I have my mind. You have a gun.Mindmistress: Anyway, that's our destination... Percy: That is really freaky. Yeah, the mountain kind of looks like a tooth.  All the other clouds are moving, though---and that one eye-shaped cloud isn't. Isn't that---conspicuous? Mindmistress: Detective, this is Alfheim; magic works here.  The locals just assume the mountain has been cursed, and avoid it like the plague.

Percy: Uh...we don't have to climb that mountain, do we? Mindmistress: I don't think so. Pilot: Are you kidding? This is a police cache---pancontinuum or not, they're still flatfeet. The cache is at the foot of the mountain.Pilot: There we'll find...a helmet that scatters the reflected light from the wearer across the dimensions, making one effectively invisible...a pocket dimension 'bag' where almost anything can be safely stored, a la hammerspace...and sandals that will take the wearer back to their home reality in ten steps when activated. Of course bear in mind that all this failed miseably...they failed...and died horribly.


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