Percy: So...we're going to be slaughtered? Mindmistress: Not at all. They didn't have your shield...and they didn't Believe makes a difference.Mindmistress: Well, well. Statues of the 'Ladies of the Twilight'. How...convenient. Percy: A little obvious, isn't it? (Caption) I talked a good line of patter, but I was so far out of my depth it was all I could do to keep from screaming and curling into a ball.

Mindmistress: This arm moves a lever. Percy (Caption): I'm in a place where magic really a Dungeons and Dragons game, only real...chasing beings Stephen King might have written about...with someone who should be in the freakin' Super Friends...and who has weaponry and science Luke Skywalker would have envied.Percy: (Caption) Me? I'm a cop. I collar pickpockets, make pervs zip up, collar wife beaters. I get my nose rubbed in the slime and gutter. What am I doing in this...fairy tale? Yet I also catch murderers. Wherever they are. Even here. Percy: Aha! The cave of wonders. Mindmistress: At least the cache we're looking for.


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