Mindmistress: Well, these are the items she talked about--a 'stealth' helmet scattering the user's image across other realities... Percy: 'Shiftsandals' that return you to your home reality in ten steps when activated-- Mindmistress: --And a loop---actually a gateway to a small limited continuum...a 'container continuum'---a personal hammerspace.Percy: And this--? Mindmistress: Some kind of simulation in 3-D...seemingly of the edifice the 'Ladies' live in. We can study it for weaknesses...work out a plan of attack...

Mindmistress:Some sort of history's being shown now... Narration: Some self-styled 'gods' of the reality known as Maerd succeeded in finally driving the 'Ladies' away...but it took all their power. Percy: Maerd? Isn't that French for--? Mindmistress: I think it's spelled differently.Drel Han: *Whew*  Even as a war god, I've never had that great a battle... Knowledge: Eleven, I may be Goddess of Knowledge, but you've had the greatest number of contacts in the multiverse...do you know someone who can help us. Eleven: Yes. I do. Narration: That's how we, the pancontinuum police, got involved.

If you click on the picture on the lower left, it will take you to WINGS OF CHANGE, where you can learn more of the delightful world of Maerd, especially a surly minidragon, a winged would-be ranger, and some irrepressible pixies. All characters copyright and created by Mari Rose, and used with her permission.


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