Narration: So we established this base---next door to the plane they use as headquarters.  We planned our assault...but we needed better weapons.  Since they exist simultaneously in several realities, injuring them on one reality might not harm them enough.So a scythe was developed, designed to 'slice' through realities...made of rare materials, only one could be made. Otherwhere Express, when it absolutely has to reach another reality overnight, was given the task of delivering it to the base... Percy: Otherwhere Express? Are they kidding? Mindmistress: They must be translating alien concepts in terms we'd understand...

Narration: Somehow the ladies 'sensed' his approach, and kidnapped him in mid-transit...and took the scythe for safekeeping. Thus the 'Ladies' have the weapon with the best chance of harming them...safely hidden.Without the scythe, a brave assault team still mounted an attack on the Ladies' lair. They never returned. Then this base's personnel were withdrawn, in case of reprisals.


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