Simulation: Show the scythe again. That scythe has It may be the only way to stop them. Percy: Uh...good luck getting it.Mindmistress: There are sleeping quarters for the assault team...I suggest we rest tonight and tackle the 'Ladies' tomorrow. I'll take this room... Percy: Good idea. I'll take the one next to it. Night.

Mindmistress: Oh, and Detective...if you get lonely tonight...? Percy: Yeah? Mindmistress: When I take off this suit, it is programmed to break the legs, then the neck of any intruder. So if you get lonely...tough. Percy: Got it.Percy (Caption): The funny thing was that I didn't think of her in that way. Which---for me---is a first about anyone who can't wear a jockstrap. Just ask my ex-wives. But she doesn't give out that kind of vibe. It'd be like a baboon mooning after Madame Curie...with me as the baboon.


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