Percy:(Caption) It's kind of like what my mother went through raised in a grandfather would empty her old chamberpot when she slept, and leave a basin of water and a washcloth. But she didn't care. The closet was her world...all she had ever known.Percy (Caption): Sometimes she would sit for hours at that keyhole...glimpsing an amazing world of bright lights and occasional music...she wasn't envious. She was...amazed. It was an unreal fairyland, bathed in brillant lights...

Percy (Caption): When Human Servives found her...when the door was finally took every bit of courage she had to step into that blazing, brillant world beyond...outside everything she had ever known. Though she works in a fish market, the wonder of that moment has never left her. She still thinks the world is...magical.Percy (Caption): But we're all stuck in our closets, aren't we? Stuck in our own dark, dreary worlds...occasionally getting glimpses of something marvellous...beyond our 'reality'. But I'm out of the dark now. I see reality, not as a given, but a choice---of many realities. There is magic. There are monsters. There are heroes---and even super-heroes. That existence is much...bigger...than I thought. Mom...I'm scared to death.


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