Percy:Yo! You awake? You dressed? Mindmistress: Sure. Just making the bed. Come on in. I don't have the armor on, but I'm decent. Percy: You wear something under the armor? Mindmistress: Are you kidding? That's metal. It chafes big-time. I wear a body stocking.Percy: Whoa! No mask? Mindmistress: The helmet's for protection, not concealment. Percy: What if I recognize you? Mindmistress: Do you recognize me? Percy: No... Mindmistress: Well, that's that, then.

Percy: But ---you do remind me of someone---sure! Mindmistress: Oh, really? Who? Lorelei...Lorelei Lyons. A 'special' girl...mentally handicapped...and you're a dark-haired, grey-eyed near-twin of her, much more intelligent, but...I know your secret! Mindmistress: Which is---?Percy: You're another child of Ezekiel Lyons! That's why you rescued him in your first appearance. Lorelei's your half-sister.  Mindmistress: Interesting theory, detective...but no comment.


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