Percy: Well...whoever you are...ready to tackle the 'Ladies'? Mindmistress: Give me a minute.  Percy (Caption): She's the spookiest part of the equation. I've seen her learn a new language within minutes. She makes weapons that are centuries ahead of their time. She's inhumanly brillant.Mindmistress: Now I'm ready. You take the helmet, the sandals, the bag... Percy: Huh. Why me? Mindmistress: Because they'll be looking for me---not you. (Caption) I'm glad she's on my side.

Percy: Could I look any more dorkish? Mindmistress: As long as it works, I wouldn't worry about it. It's like those bicycle helmets...they look like slugs perched atop skulls...but they work.Mindmistress: You scared? Percy: Frightened out of my mind, thanks. Mindmistress: Good. I wouldn't trust any other answer. Here we go...


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