Mindmistress: It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood... Percy: Yeah...Count Dracula's neighborhood. Which way? Mindmistress: I hear voices this way...Shudder: There are many who travel the realities...these young ones fall from reality to reality... May/Horror: With a winged cat and a female tentacle-beast? Slither: To the amusement of some cat-humanoids...

Shudder: This one has ruffled the realities...flying through them like a monstrous black-and-white butterfly... May/Horror: She's hideous! Slither: But there is a destiny on her...Shudder: This one can be...persauded...and make more like us. We will be the leaders of a new class of beings...Slither: Who roam the dimensions like fish do the waters and birds do the winds.. May/Horror: And I hope she hates every second of it. How I want her to suffer.

If you click on the picture on the upper right, it will take you to STRANGE CANDY (also known as OKASHINA OKASHI), a hilarious webcomic in which some young friends travel between universes---which tend to go from one manga cliche to another, from hentai to yaoi to human-piloted giant robots which join together to make a larger, humanoid robot(Voltron, anyone?)---and anything inbetween. A loving, knowing, affectionate tribute to the cliches of manga.

If you click on the lower left panel, it will take you to ZEBRA GIRL, one of my favorite webcomics, already mentioned, but fitting naturally into the theme of the discussion...


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