Percy:'re already #1 on their 'wanted' posters... Mindmistress: So what else is new? But now some are going to sleep...a perfect chance to sneak into the giant, gothic monstrosity that they call 'home'.Percy: What--? Look out!! Mindmistress: A crystal basilisk!! Stay back, Lovelace---even a bullet won't stop it. But a blow---with enough force--could shatter it, like a diamond cutter!!

Mindmistress: Unnhhh!! It worked---luckily! They call this the 'relentless death' in the Tryslmaistan universe--a fast deadly lone hunter--and the 'ladies' have one as a--watchdog?Mindmistress: This map shows the spreading of the elven race throughout the multiverse--- Percy: And this--? Mindmistress: A relief map of the Darkways--another pathway between realities.

A "crystal basilisk" is one of the most feared horrors of the splendidly-realized Tryslmaisdtan universe...the setting of UNICORN JELLY. Clicking on the panel in the upper right will take you to that esteemed webcomic.


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