Percy: It's like they leave the shells of their victims---they're like May's nurse--and cook. Mindmistress: Yes, and if we can't stop them, no telling how many others will end up in this transdimensional Madame Tussard's.Many cultures and worlds have victims here---monuments to their power. Percy: Yeah---including the Twilight Zone SWAT team that preceded us. We can see how little good these helmets did them.

Mindmistress: Good point--but maybe they just didn't use it in time. Use the helmet---it might still hide you---and find that scythe. Percy: Okay. Where? Mindmistress: Find where they sleep. They would probably want it close to them...not trust it anywhere further away.Slither: Well, well...what do we have here? What a pleasant surprise...we didn't even have to search for you. Mindmistress: Gaaahhhh!!! Slither: I hope your intelligence and inventiveness exceeds your eloquence...


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