Mindmistress: Freeze! You can't move---um. Not affecting you, is it? Slither: No. Mindmistress: You're too different to be affected by something designed for the psyche of humans... Slither: If you say so..Slither: Now hold still---for you'll make more like us...Mindmistress: No chance. Anyone ever tell you that you look and smell like someone drowned and decaying for a week?

Slither: Such spirit! I haven't seen spirit like that since Yog-Sothoth was a young pseudopod... Percy (Caption): One shot might end this...but she doesn't think so. I need to let her fight her own battles...she wants me to find that scythe!Percy: Weird effect---the helmet scatters my reflected light among the dimensions--the visor regathers the light so I can see---but to myself I'm semi-transparent like glass. To others, I'm invisible. Bedroom...bedroom...ahhh, there it is...past some more 'statues/victims'.


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