Percy (Caption): Jerk. A stint in the marines, years of the hardest details police work can throw at you--but they hear my name and automatically cast me in Will and Grace. Actually, I'd be better off if I was gay---I probably wouldn't be paying half my paycheck in alimony now.Percy:(Caption) Anyway, back to the fairy tale I've been assigned...
normally, this would be on a level with the bigfoot and crop circle hoaxes---or the Mothman legend of West Virginia--except for two things.

Percy (Caption): The Feds released a description of her on an all-points bulletin--then put a clamp on all info on her. They're hiding and protecting something. And---there's this lady--a former supermodel--now in seculsion---in a condition that doctors can't explain---that freakin' theoretical physicists can't explain. Percy: Don't worry, I'm putting out the cigarette. How's she doing? Nurse: She's discouraging old friends dropping by---she's ina  spiral, cutting herself off from anybody. It's the worst thing she can do, in her...condition.


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