Percy: Hey, Harry---can you put this file back, since you're headed there? Harry: Sure. That the 'Mindmistress' file? Percy: Yeah. That's what I get for ticking off the Captain---Atlanta's own X-File. Totally crazy.Percy:(Caption) There were several case--a kidnapping of 'Lightning' Lyons, a mercenary called Wolfgang March, strange goings on in South Carolina and Arizona...all with a common thread--a babe named Mindmistress. Woman cop: Percy!
Black cop: Percy! Meet the new guy! Percy: Should I congratulate or commiserate with him? Just kidding...welcome to Atlanta P.D., buddy.

Rookie: Hmmm...pretty abrupt. What's his name? Female cop: Percy. Percival Leslie Lovelace. Oooohhh. What a manly name. What does he do, investigate murders in gay bars? Other cop: Uh-oh. You shouldn't have said that. Rookie: He'll hit me with his purse? Percy: Excuse me, Rookie...if you're implying something, why don't you spit it out. Rookie: No. Just...kidding. Percy: Good. Because you really don't want to get on the bad side of me. Rookie: Yessir. Percy: Little hint. When we do good cop/bad cop with prisoner, I always take the bad cop role---and I've never been praised on 'working well with others'.


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