Male doctor: Well, I appreciate you letting me look at her while I was visiting. Very interesting case. I take it she doesn't respond to any medication? Female doctor: no. Male doctor: Then I just have one last question...Male doctor: ...Do you think there's any truth to the story she gives under hypnosis? Female doctor: That ridiculous story of a retard turning into a genuis super-heroine? Talking, mind-sucking sheets? Minotaurs and harpies and super-armor? Please...I work in a mental institution...that doesn't mean I belong in one. Male doctor: Ahhh...

Mindmistress: ...Who indeed? Mindmistress: I had to make sure, Anansi. So your slyness makes you smarter than I am? Bye...'Sly'.Anansi: Meep...meep...meep.


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