May/Horror: Here, let's take off this's pretty hideous...Well! Detective Lovelace! A little out of your jurisdiction, aren't you?  Percy: May Duran, you murdered your nurse and cook... May/Horror: Not by any method recognized by medical science...May/Horror: Here...let me show you the process... Percy: I'm warning you....I've got a gun.... May/Horror: I'm scared.  Really.

Mindmistress: It will take that 'Lady' a few minutes to dig her way out of the massive weight I toppled on her--uh oh. Percy: I warned you... May/Horror: Uhhh!!! That hurt---!!May/Horror: --But since I exist--simultaneously---in three other realities besides this one---I'm not fatally hurt. Mindmistress: Detective! Use the shield--!! Before it's too late! Percy (Caption): Her wound is healing as I watch...a bullet doesn't work---but this crazy shield will. Riiiiight.


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