May/Horror: A mirror? That'll be as useless as your helmet--the only person who can't be detected by a pandimensional like me---is another pandimensional.  --In fact their presence makes us May/Horror: --Unless we're physically with them, the way a pilot, when he gets to close to a radio beacon, can't detect it---becomes 'blind' to it....Yaaah! How---how---how did you do that? Mindmistress: Very interesting. Warrior: Unhhh! Warrior: Uh!

May/Horror: He's moving.... Shudder: I'll take care of him, sister. You take care of the shieldbearer---and the armored woman---but beware that sickle... Warrior: Sefil t'ubh a guklaw wodahs... Percy: The sickle---right! May/Horror: A bullet can't urt me, but a sickle can? Get real.  Shudder: Beware, sister. That sickle is deadly. Mindmistress: You need to strke now--Percy: Miss Duran....May...up to now you've been as much victim as victimizer. But if you don't stop now... May/Horror: My life's a horror...I'm a horror...and only others like me can look at shouldn't I spread the horror? People will scream at my's all I have left.


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