Yaaahhh!! (Caption): I admit it; my nerves were frayed; too much had happened....besides, I ran out of cigarettes last night; I was dying for a coffin nail.  Not excusing what happened; just explaining...Mindmistress: Detective... Percy: Ever notice how things seem to slow down when you do something majorly stupid...or at least monumental?

Percy (Caption): She just waited for it...as if she realized what she had become....what she would become.  I expected her to be proof against it, like the bullet...not part her neck like a strong wind does a mist...Percy (Caption): Did the head, seperated from the neck really mouth the words 'thank you'--- without voice, without breath? Or was it my imagination?  After a beheading -- does the head stay alive for a few seconds?  Can it, horrified, realize what happened?  Did the real May Duran return---for a few seconds?


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