Percy: So you haven't seen her since then, is that right? May: You have no idea what I've seen, detective. Percy: Delusions caused by your...condition.I don't think so...the planes I see are much too...complex. Right now I see a half-humanoid, half-crystal female....intelligent blobs with a social order all their on, not planets, but triangles the size of moons. That's not my imagination.

May: Now my 'sight' shifts to another reality...where your Internet service might be run by a large, beefy rabbit---married to a corporate executive---who's a wolf. It's a world of herbivores and carnivores...a working ecology where every niche is...intelligent.May: And sometimes I see her walking on her catwalk between existences. I'm just a victim of her carelessness--and she cares nothing for my shattered life.

Click on the upper picture above to the right to go to UNICORN JELLY---linked by permission of the author, Jennifer Diane Reitz. One of the most well-developed fantasies in webcomics, replete with detail after detail.

Click on the lower picture on the left to go to KEVIN AND KELL---perhaps the first "furry" webcomic, and for my money, the best---
the trick being the author, Bill Holbrook, doesn't forget how animals who are predators tend to act, and how herbivores act, etc. Used with permisison of Bill Holbrook.

Characters and liknesses of UNICORN JELLY copyright Jennifer Diane Reitz. Character and liknesses of KEVIN AND KELL copyright Bill Holbrook. Both used with permission.


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