Now it shifts again...and I'm watched a scarred elf...his mage son...a wisecracking pale elf...striving for some swordsMay: Then they come...whispering... Slither: We were old when the elder gods were spawning---walking the realities...then we found each other...and walk the worldways together... Shudder: Now we've found you---another like us, another---between-the-worlds-one...join us. Join us. You are---one of us...

May: Even shutting my eyes doesn't help...the only way to get away from them is to view another this case, one about a red-haired warrior and his mage friends.... Slither: Join Us... Shudder: Join the Sisters of the TwilightPercy: Enough! None of this helps me find the lady who did this to you. None of this is real... May: ...Certainly not an alternative timeline, a steampunk reality... Percy: See? Stop it!

Click on the upper picture above to the left to go to NINE SWORDS---linked by permission of the author, S. Howell. One of the more delightful fantasy-oriented webcomics around. (For some reason an elf hooked on nicotine just appeals to me...)

Click on the lower picture on the left to go to RED LEXI---also a fantasy webcomic, finely illustrated and told by Dark Artist, with an engrossing storyline.

Click on the lower picture on the right to get THE LEGEND OF CHUCKO LIANG which, on the other hand, is a steampunk fantasy in a West that never was, a sort of SHANGHAI NOON meets steampunk.

Characters and liknesses of NINE SWORDS copyright S. Howell. Character and liknesses of RED LEXI copyright Dark Artist. Characters and likenesses of THE LEGEND OF CHUCKO LIANG copyright L.A. Sinclair. All used with permission.


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