Percy:(Caption) Poor lady---batty, totally batty. But I might be too if I looked like an untuned image on a twenty-year-old TV set. She might even be right about what she sees...but it's driving her crazy...especially those 'Ladies of the Twilight'. Brrrrrr.Well, as long as I'm visiting a freakish ex-supermodel recluse being cared for by private nurses...might as well visit my mother, in less...expensive...circumstances.

Percy: Hey, Lorelei, hey, Leo! Lorelei: Hey, Percy, must be Visitor's Day...first me, then another visitor, and then you...your mother's doing good. Percy:(Caption) Sweet kid, for a...slow learner. I'd ask her about her father's kidnapping, but she'd just parrot him.Percy: Hi, mom! Danielle: Percy? This has been a day for surprises. Percy (Caption): Danielle Lovelace. Living testimony that it is not a good idea to lock a kid in a closet for over a decade. My mother. An emotional and mental eight-year-old.


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