Percy:So...what's going on? You still got that job at the fish market? Danielle: Oh, yes...Mr. Dixon is very kind...and I think his brother, Paul is kind of...sweet on me. Percy: He shows good taste.Percy: happy here? Danielle: Oh, yes...and so many visitors! Daddy was just here...I'm surprised you didn't run into him. Percy: Your Dad, huh? 'Scuse me.

Percy: Well, well...Arthur Lovelace.  Checking up on your...victim? Arthur: On my daughter...grandson. Percy: Why? You shut her in a closet for a decade to keep her out of sight. Why visit her now?Arthur: It was your grandmother who wanted a child, not I---much less a halfwitted child who cost my darling her life. Percy: So you shut her away, out of sight. And if she wasn't retarded before, you insured it. Arthur: It was a mistake. It doesn't mean I forfeit all interest in her. Percy: Tell me something, Granddad. How do you look in the mirror without puking?


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