May: Great. Now a blonde, blue-eyed bard who plays bongo---and hides his batwings. Slither: Join us. Join your sister...pandimensionals. I am Slither. Shudder: I am Shudder. And you are...Horror. Yes, the Horror. May: Shut up!! I am not a Horror!Nurse: Miss Duran, I'm going to give you a'll calm you down. May: never does any good... Nurse: Now, now, Nurse knows best....

May: I said stay away from me!!! Nurse: Uhnyargh!May: What? What'd I do? Slither: You sent her life-force scurrying down the continuae...leaving behind roughly a dollar-and-a-half of chemicals. Shudder: A corpse seperated from the life-force that animated it. The first and most elemental of tricks...for pandimensionals like us.

If you click on the image in the upper left, it will take you to BLATAH-- a superior fantasy that centers on a bard called Eggman, described above.

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