Percy (Caption): I never caught that Mindmistress looking afraid.  I guess she really is a super-hero, in a way....while I'm just a cop.  Mindmistress: Oohhh. Ooohhhh. I'm still shaking.  There are times when it's a pain to have an infallible memory...especially when facing...horrors.Mindmistress: (Caption) I remember, as Lorelei, being terrified of the dark---of every rustle, every sound....convinced the monsters would kill me---and rip the stars from the sky and swallow the sun. Only a 'bedtime bear' nightlight kept the terrors at bay.

Ezekiel Lyons: Lorelei, you're fourteen; you're too old to need a nightlight; too old to be...afraid of the dark.  We make allowances you are, but... Lorelei: I--I can't help it, Daddy. I'm afraid.  Prudence Lyons:  For once, I agree with your father. What are you afraid of? Do you even know?Mindmistress (Caption): I had no real answer --and that night, Bedtime Bear burnt out.  I was afraid to scream---afraid to draw the monsters.  I didn't shut my eyes all night.  And now I'm facing real monsters.  And it's everyting I can do to keep from whimpering in the dark.


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