Slither: She's gone... Horror: Is that it? You trap me in a spiritual bell jar---and  you're going to let her go? There are trillions of realities. A subset are slight variations of y ours. A needle in a heystack would be an understatement. But... Shudder: ....But you might guide us. Tell your there any residue of you? Clippings, skin samples?  Horror: What? No---yes! There are locks of hair from me and my lover, Dylan, in a frame--- Slither: That'll do.

Shudder: Think of the keepsake---what it means to you--what memories it stirs--as I follow the bond---and use it. Horror: A spell? Hah! Before I was a model, before I met Dylan, I thought about becoming a nun. I've come a long way, baby.Shudder: I'm not sure what a 'spell' is...but I know the different physical laws of different realities...and what binds them together.  Horror: Yes...that's the keepsake! Shudder: It's linked to you---but not powerful enough to be a beacon. We'll fix that.


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