Shudder (Caption): Notice how the hair strands escape--and envelope and absorb that beetle--- Andi: Wow. What a beautiful place, Cassie... Cassie: Yeah. It's the summer seashore home of my former star model, May Duran. Millie! Silly dog, what are you licking up? Andi: The May Duran.  Wow. What was she like? Cassie: Moody. Difficult. Distant to all but her lover. Finn: Is that why she disappeared? Cassie: No. She was...disfigured.  Shudder: Note how the amalgamated being approaches another animal....

Cassie: So....this is your chance, Andi, to become the new May Duran. Andi:  I appreciate it, Mrs. Petrie...I mean, Cassie.  Finn: Ditto...on being the photographer. Millie: *Whine*  Shudder (Caption): The amalgamated being wraps itself around the animal it is about to assimilate...Shudder (Caption): ...And topples into the sea... Cassie: Now get ready for your shoot? Andi: Did you hear a splash? Cassie: You'll be the one making the splash, I'm sure. Soon the whole world will gape at Andi Medlin... Millie! Millie! Where is that dog...?


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