Shudder (Caption): Notice how the amalgamated beast adapts well to its new environment and waits for the predator approaching... Shudder: See how it wraps itself around the predator---it's speed, strength and agility no match for the being who will assimilate it.

Shudder: Behold the assimilated being---large enough, powerful enough, to become a living beacon---guiding us to that specific reality. Unseen, we can observe and invade this reality---totally surprising them--Mindmistress: Really. I'm glad I left that robot 'spyder' behind to monitor them... Cassie: Let's get this shoot over with.  It's a little too kinky for my tastes....handcuffed, nude, on the beach.... Finn: Well, but done at the right angle, it can be....hey, what's that rising out of the water?


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